• Selecting the right load-cell i.e. weight range, type, dimensions and load bearing areas, sensitivity etc
  • Design of a custom mounting assembly compatible to loadcells, accurately transferring the weight/load through the sensors.



  • Tare weight, Gross weight
  • Qty & type of leg stands (three, four, etc)
  • Presence of agitators/ mixers other vibrating environments
  • Ensuring flexible connecting pipes (inlet/outlet)

With extensive experience in automated weighing and batching of materials from grams to Tons, EMYRAS can not only improve the quality and consistency of your end product but can also make major improvements in cycle times (process throughput time) and plant output capacity.

We can handle a wide variety of materials including those that have difficult flow characteristics such as (such as fibres / Recron) and very low bulk densities (such as fibrous composite materials).